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With decades-long experience as a solo practitioner, I am only too eager to share my expertise in the classroom and do so routinely. I am an alum and former faculty member of the National Tax Practice Institute®, a recognized speaker on the "professional" circuit, and a welcomed guest lecturer on college campuses and at community organizations.

I am a trained program developer and continuing education instructor of courses designed to enhance the professional knowledge of Enrolled Agents, CPAs, tax attorneys and other practitioners. I offer programs comprised of current subject matter in accounting, tax return preparation software, taxation and ethics consistent with the Internal Revenue Code and effective tax administration. In addition to the many years of experience honed during my long career as a professional instructor, I have received extensive training to ensure that I satisfy and exceed the standards set forth by the Treasury Department Circular 230, Revenue Procedure 2012-12 and the IRS Return Preparer Office as a qualified instructor competent and current in the subject matter; capable through training, education or experience of communicating effectively; capable of proving an environment conducive to learning; skilled in the use of appropriate instructional methods and technology; and prepared in advance.

As a part-owner of an investment advisory firm, I can bring real-world experiences and humorous anecdotes to class to make my course materials less dry, more memorable, and fun. As an Enrolled Agent, I maintain a flourishing tax practice in Southern California and cannot decide whether I prefer teaching or taxation. I'm happiest when I don't have to choose and I get to teach tax!

Here is a sampling of classes that I have taught for:

  • Public Speaking
    • Available for many topics. Please call Monica if interested.

  • Professional Organizations & Tax Associations
    • Planning with Taxes in Mind
    • Licensing Requirements
    • Capital Transactions
    • Death & Taxes
    • The Art of Appraisals
    • Ethics
    • Eldercare Assurance Services
    • Measuring Risk
    • Aliens & Citizens
    • A Choice of Options
    • Form 709: A Practicum
    • Form 706: A Detailed Look at Schedules
    • Fact or Fiction – Tax Information for Authors and Publishers

  • Community Service Organizations
    • Basic Money Management
    • How to read the Wall Street Journal
    • Annuities—why not?
    • Asset Protection for Seniors
    • For Generous Grandparents
    • Orient Express

  • Adult Education Programs & Community Colleges
    • History of Taxation.
    • How to Survive a Tax Audit
    • Real(ty) Riches
    • AMT—Will you be next?
    • Tax Reporting for Household Help
    • Estate Taxation Made Simple
    • Excuses—what works and what doesn
    • Tax Refunds—why you don
    • Planning for Estimated Taxes
    • Inmate Tax Scams
    • Charity—Giving it Away Productively
    • International Trade

These are but some of the classes I have taught—I have many more topics in my portfolio and will happily prepare additional ones upon request, ranging from tax topics to financial management and portfolio planning to international travel and comparative economic analysis. Please contact me if you need an enthusiastic speaker for a local or distant event.

Read about my credentials and services and then contact me for a free initial consultation.

Appreciative students have said:
"I want to thank you for presenting an exceptionally clear, concise, and extremely useful class."

"She is by far one of the most talented instructors I have ever met."

"I wish you had been my teacher when I learned accounting--I would have learned so much more and enjoyed it."

This Office Promises You:
  • Professional expertise
  • Personal attention
  • Year-round service
  • Confidentiality

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