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Having just come from Europe where I attended Localschools and learned English as a foreign Language and now enrolled in Expository Writing a Course to him I was assigned byvirtueofmyscore on the Entranceexamination returned I roomed with Karla who ruthlessly upon reading Prose such as she that I would never be able to formulate an Intelligiblethought and put Pen to Paper declared.

This German run-on sentence structure—complete with routinely accepted compound words as long as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, yet devoid of such reader aids as commas and semi-colons—characterized my literary style. Perfectly proper grammar embraced abroad, was wreaking havoc here! But I'm no quitter! And so Karla's spiteful words inspired rather than discouraged me...

I've been told that I have developed a uniquely recognizable style, with sentences no shorter than their Germanic predecessors, but now liberally embellished with proper punctuation, parenthetical commentary, descriptive adjectives, hyphenated nouns, acknowledging footnotes, and illustrative examples. more...

Gone are separable verbs, compound—albeit capitalized—nouns, and gender-bending pronouns that bestowed inopportune masculinity upon feminine subjects while neutering others. Phonetic spelling has been replaced with arcane and distressing rules such as "I before E, except after C" and other notable exceptions. I no longer put verbs at the end of sentences—in fact, some accuse me of not putting in any verbs! And I've dropped the hyphens from "never-the-less". But I refuse to succumb to all of Bill Gate's linguistic contrivances and liberally override Word's spell-check suggestions: "Travelling" is still correctly spelled with either one or two L's that (or which) can be followed by an "i".

I love to write! (And do so at every opportunity.) I cover topics as far-ranging as tax, finances and law, but have also written travel logs. I contributed human interest stories in my MOseying Along... column and was the Chief Editor of The Fortune Quest, a weekly newsletter distributed nationally. When teaching, I write my own class materials, ranging from informal student handouts to lengthy texts and treatises. Samples of some of my writings appear below: less...

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Monica is a prolific writer able to cover topics as far ranging as Tax, Law, Financial, etc. but has also done travel logs. She has written her own class materials, and has even been commissioned to write specific articles on various subjects. Samples of her writings are included on this page.

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