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My aim is to keep my fees as reasonable as possible, while being fairly compensated for my time and expertise. Rates are generally set to compensate as closely as possible for the time spent on your tax return. If a tax return takes longer than originally anticipated, the fee will increase. It will not increase, however, because of small or incidental additional time.

Please call or e-mail to request additional information or to schedule an appointment. I offer a free ½-hour introductory consultation. I'm eager to help, but will only quote fees after evaluating the work to be performed. Since every client situation is unique, I'm sure you'll understand that it would be unfair to the prospective client and to me to establish a fee before carefully assessing the client's needs.

Note: I don't charge flat fees. The fee can vary each year based on the information that you provide. One year could be more or less than the previous year. If you were a client last year and your tax information is very similar, then you can expect your fee to be close to or the same as last year's.

  • Included in the tax preparation:
    • Preparation of your tax return.
    • Review of completed return.
    • Filing a tax extension, if needed.
    • Quick questions on tax topics.
    • Correction of any errors.

  • Not included in the tax preparation:
    • Corrections made after tax return completion that are the result of inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the client.
    • Assistance with inquiries, examinations or audits of any kind by any tax authority.

  • Other considerations determining fee:
    • Married, two earners
    • Extra data entry from multiple Forms W-2 and/or 1099-R
    • Schedule B with many accounts, foreign tax credits
    • Schedule C/SE for self-employment
    • Schedule E for rental income
    • Extra states
    • State income allocations
    • Part year state income allocations
    • Schedule D
    • Forms K-1
    • Vehicle Expenses
    • Home Office
    • Application for ITIN
    • Elections, such as to file jointly, or to be treated as a resident
    • Tax treaty issues
    • AMT recalculation of prior year tax (relating to last year's state refund)
    • Education as a business expense
    • Temporary living expenses
    • If new client, a lot of carryovers to enter from your prior year tax return including depreciation, passive losses, net operating losses, etc.
    • Long delays between information being requested and received
    • Complexity requiring research, additional communication
    • Various other factors

Read about my credentials and services and then contact me for a free initial consultation.

Satisfied clients have said:
"Your thoroughness with detail and timeliness in response lends clarity and understanding to this process."

"Thanks for being on top of things! "

"You're better than a sleeping pill! [Said by a comforted client, not a tired student!]"

This Office Promises You:
  • Professional expertise
  • Personal attention
  • Year-round service
  • Confidentiality

Service Contract:

Clients have the option to purchase my Service Contract which will entitle them to unlimited hours of free consultation in lieu of my customary hourly rate on such topics as withholding allowances, estimated tax computations, job changes, out-of-state moves, new home purchases, refinancing, divorce and adoption, college savings, retirement plans, business start-up, amongst many other issues.*

*Contract does not cover audit representation or problem resolution.

Payment Options:

I accept payment by cash or check, as well as VISA and MasterCard.

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