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I offer a wide range of services from tax preparation to planning, from teaching to writing, from estate planning to elder-care. Indeed, I offer so many services that my mother once had difficulties pin-pointing just what it is that I do.

Long ago, I overheard only Mom's side of a phone conversation with an old friend. They obviously hadn't talked in a while and were now catching up, exchanging family stories and bragging rights. And so Mom proudly explained that my sister is a physical therapist in the rehab department of a large hospital. After detailing my sister's job responsibilities, types of therapies offered, work hours, and even the supervisor's name, my mother faced the obvious follow-up question, "And what does Monica do?" Stymied, Mother replied, "She's a finan..." and allowed her words to fade into oblivion.

I've long wanted to design a business card that simply stated "Monica Haven, Finan..." but I suppose that would leave many folks clueless and confused. So, let's just say that my job is to listen and then offer solutions.

  • Peer-to-Peer Consulting
    • Find out more about support services for tax pros, financial advisers and legal consultants.

  • Teaching and Public Speaking
    • I’ve been in business over three decades and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and a myriad of experiences which I’m only too happy to share with fellow tax practitioners, financial service professionals, college and adult education students, retirees and seniors, community service organizations, and just about anyone who will listen.

  • Publications
    • I love to write and much of what I’ve written has been published in trade journals and teaching texts. Some are available for purchase.

  • Senior Services
    • Although I am a general practitioner, I concentrate my efforts on seniors who have come to adopt me as their professional advisor and "granddaughter". In fact, much of my practice is devoted to eldercare assurance services, ranging from tax and estate planning advice to trusteeships and even conservatorships. However, in all cases it is my goal to help seniors maintain their independence and self-sufficiency as best and as long as possible.

  • Translations
    • Fluent in German
      Deutsche Sprache ist meine Muttersprache.
    • Technical Communications
    • Personal Correspondence

Read about my credentials and services and then contact me for a free initial consultation.

Satisfied clients have said:
"If I have failed to tell you how much you are appreciated over time, consider yourself told! I love your Dear Friends and Clients page. LOVE it!!"

"You took such an enormous load off my shoulders this morning, I doubt you will ever know how much it helped."

"I appreciate your efficiency and frugal approach."

This Office Promises You:
  • Professional expertise
  • Personal attention
  • Year-round service
  • Confidentiality

Monica offers:
  • Experience & expertise
  • Peace of mind
  • Personalized service
  • Ease & convenience
  • Friendly, comfortable atmosphere
  • Humor
  • Client satisfaction

Service Contract:

Clients have the option to purchase my Service Contract which will entitle them to unlimited hours of free consultation in lieu of my customary hourly rate on such topics as withholding allowances, estimated tax computations, job changes, out-of-state moves, new home purchases, refinancing, divorce and adoption, college savings, retirement plans, business start-up, amongst many other issues.*

*Contract does not cover audit representation or problem resolution.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein should not be used in any actual transaction without the advice and guidance of a professional tax advisor who is familiar with all of the relevant facts of your personal situation since the information is general in nature and not intended as legal, tax or investment advice but is merely educational. Furthermore, the information contained herein may not be applicable to or suitable for an individual's specific circumstances or needs and may require consideration of other matters. To ensure compliance with certain U.S. Treasury Regulations note that, unless expressly indicated otherwise, any advice in this website relating to any federal or state tax issue is not intended or written to be used and cannot be used by any person for the purpose of avoiding any federal tax penalties. Monica Haven assumes no obligation to inform any person of any changes in the tax law or other factors that could affect the information contained herein. And Monica Haven does not offer legal advice or services in any jurisdiction in which she is not licensed; nothing herein should be interpreted as the creation of a fiduciary or client/attorney relationship. This website is not intended for use by viewers in any state in which the site may fail to comply with the regulatory and ethical restrictions imposed by that state.