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Tax Preparation

Monica's practice is a full-service, year-round tax consultancy which specializes in federal and state tax preparation, audit representation, and tax planning.
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  • Enrolled Agent
  • Master of Laws in Taxation
  • JD, Loyola Law School
  • BS, Small Business & New Ventures
  • Graduate Fellow
  • Accredited Tax Advisor
  • Linked with experienced pros
  • Comprehensive research library
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Monica is a recognized speaker on the "professional" circuit, a trained program developer, and a welcomed guest lecturer on college campuses and at community organizations.

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Monica is a maven who can pro-
ficiently address the many diverse needs of her clientele, including:
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Monica is a prolific writer who delves into diverse topics ranging from tax to finance to law and even travel. She has authored published articles, legal analyses and student manuals.

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Tax Info.

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Satisfied clients have said:
"I am totally impressed by her acuity, precision and honesty."

"Monica is frighteningly efficient."

"Your website is PHENOMENAL; the home page is among the very best I've seen!! Everything is posted 'front and center' - no hunting through a site map required!!! Most impressive :-)"

This Office Promises You:
  • Professional expertise
  • Personal attention
  • Year-round service
  • Confidentiality

Serving Beverly Hills, the greater Los Angeles area, the state of California, and the entire nation!



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